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Purpose of Weekday Preschool Ministry

The purpose of the Weekday Preschool Ministry is to extend the
services of the church into the community by providing opportunity,
stimulation, and encouragement for the maximum growth and development of
each child mentally, socially, physically and spiritually.

Our program consists of the following components:

  • 2 year old/2 mornings a week
  • 3 year old/2 mornings a week or 4 mornings a week
  • 4 year old/4 mornings a week
  • Pre-Kindergarten/Monday-Friday, 8:00-2:30
  • Early Room-7:45-8:25
  • Extended Care-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday until 5:30
  • Mothers Day Out-Wednesday, 8:15-2:15


The fees for our programs are as follows:

                                             2 Day                          4 Day                               Pre-K

 Material Fee:                               $50.00/yr                            $75.00/yr                                 $100.00/yr

Tuition:                                         $80.00/mo                          $110.00/mo                              $225.00/mo

Early Room:                                 $10.00/mo                          $20.00/mo                               $10.00/mo

Extended Care:                            $10.00/day                         $20.00/day                              $10.00/day

MDO (Wednesdays):                  $20.00/day for first child, $15.00/day  for subsequent children

Registration Fee:                         $40/yr