Easter Devotion #1

Holy Week Devotions Easter 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017 – John 18:1-7


Here are some takeaways from today’s reading:
  •  Jesus was fully aware of all that was going to happen to Him. So he took charge by going to the one place when Jerusalem was overcrowded with people for the Passover that provided the perfect and private setting for Judas’ betrayal. He even opened the dialogue between Judas, the Roman Soldiers and Temple Guards by asking “who are you looking for?”Did you notice in verses 5-6 that as Jesus responded “I Am He” that everyone drew back and fell to the ground? It was a demonstration of his authority and power even as He was preparing to die on the cross for our sins.
  •  Listen to how the Life Application Study Bible describes this scene: With Jesus’ arrest, each one’s life would be radically different. For the first time, Judas openly betrayed Jesus before the other disciples. For the first time, Jesus’ loyal disciples ran away from Him. (Matthew 26:56) The band of disciples would undergo severe testing before they were transformed from hesitant followers to dynamic leaders.
What times of testing have you experienced in your life that God has used to help transform you into a more passionately devoted follower of Jesus?
 Did you notice how Peter began to take matters into his own hands in verses 10-11? I wonder how many times we try to do the SAME thing when God brings difficult situations into our walk with Him. Think about it…..though Peter’s actions are understandable from our human perspective, he was willingly trying to defy and change the will of God by doing everything in his power to prevent Jesus’ arrest and ultimately His death from taking place.
It is actions like these that lead us into sin….when often times God wants us to stand back and allow His plan to unfold for our lives. Sometimes that plan will bring intense pain and heartache…..but His plan is perfect…..and He is always working all things together for our good and for HIS glory. (Romans 8:28) Easy words to read and repeat…..DIFFICULT words to live by each day!
Action Steps:
Ask Jesus to help you know when you need to take action and when you need to stop and allow the Father to work out His plan for your life. The only way to really have this discernment is through a vibrant relationship with Jesus that is the result of time spent reading His Word and in prayer. Are those steps a regular part of your daily life?
Give thanks to Jesus that during this critical time in His earthly ministry that He was not deterred from completing the will of the Father as He began His journey to the cross….a journey that required much pain and suffering.