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Praise Break

The new year is upon us! As I reflect on the previous year, I can’t help but have great humility for the blessing that God has given me. Yet, I am so hopeful that God has more for me in the year 2014, not for my own gain, but so that I may better proclaim His name to this lost world. Acts 4:12 says, “There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to people and we must be saved by it”. This proclamation should light a fire in our hearts to profess His name to everyone we see. The verse that leads up to verse 12 declares Christ as the “cornerstone” of the church. This brings a great song to my mind about Christ as our cornerstone.

“Christ alone, Cornerstone
Weak made strong, in the Savior’s love
Through the storm
He is Lord, Lord of All”

What a great declaration we can sing as followers of Christ, that Jesus alone is our Cornerstone. That He will be the foundation that we place our faith on, and He will be the strength in our weakness. What a great assurance it is to know that He is “Lord of All”.

      As I sit here and think of what my New Years resolution is going to be, I can’t help but long to be more bold for Christ. I can’t help but desire to show the hope of Christ to the people in my community. If you really thank about it, we should be humbled that Christ would use us to share His hope, but instead we usually see it as a chore or some kind of burden. My prayer this year is that I won’t see sharing Christ as this chain around my neck, but rather an opportunity to be apart of setting people free from their chains. I pray that God would use me to build His kingdom, and that He would use me to share His love to lost people. I pray that you have the same desire as we start this new year.


This blog is intended to be for my choir members as we prepare each week for the coming worship service. It will reflect a lot on the songs we are singing the coming Sunday and how the lyrics we are singing can be found in God’s Word. Although I am writing this for my choir, I pray that anyone who reads this will be blessed by it and will grow through it. I hope we will be bold for Christ though our actions, our love, our music, and everything that we do. I hope you have a great New Year tomorrow and every day after that. Share God’s love with someone today and give them the hope you have in Christ Jesus!



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Evan Gray

Minister of Music and Worship

FBC Dyersburg, TN





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